Iris Qu portfolio - Sleepwise


YEAR                     2016 - 2017     

COMPANY           Panasonic

EXHIBITION       SXSW Interactive

ROLE                      Tech Lead

TEAM                     Mikei Huang - Creative Lead

                               Carson Lai   - Industrial Design Lead

                               Kristen Duff  - Marketing, Content Strategy Lead

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SLEEPWISE is a smart sleep tracking concept that aims to move the product space of sleep wellness forward by leveraging smart home devices to create a truly personalized sleeping environment. The wearable and static sensor send data to the SLEEPWISE application which analyzes it using a machine learning algorithm. This information can be translated to instructions sent to appliances such as a thermostat to optimize the conditions in the environment throughout the night.


Panasonic came to us in August 2016 with the question of how might we treat sub health issue with wearable devices. After initial research, our team decided to dive into the sleep market, and create a health wearable for sleep. 


After playing with other healthcare wearables like fitbit, and open source projects like Sony Mesh, our team landed on the idea of making a opensource sleep wearable that will connect to all smart home devices. The sensor unit would then connect with our smartphone app to optimize your environment throughout the night, to create a personalized sleep environment. After talking with mentors from Panasonic, we also tested with the possibility of having sleepwise work with hotel appliances with hotel collaborators, so users can take their personalized sleep environment on the go. 

Product Design

One of the problem we face is that sleep monitoring can be intrusive. In our product development process, we created a few user home and traveling user scenarios, to see how the product will be worn, carried and connected by the user.  To create a better form for the body, our team came up with a creative solution with clays, and made a sensor unit that separates into two parts, with a wearable sensor that your can clip onto your blanket or pajamas. 


APP Mock

The went through a couple of different iterations of the app, aiming to provide users with a clear interface and personalized sleeping data. For our presentation to the Panasonic team, we have a Philips Hue smart lighting system communicate real time with our app prototype, and wearable sensors that tracks your environment realtime.  


Technical overview


SXSW Engagement Strategy

In January 2017, our team's selected to exhibit in Panasonic's SXSW interactive house. We collaborated with Studio Anyways, here's the thing to created an interactive table that showcased product features and user stories. As part of our engagement strategy, we also created an animation and a pitch deck that lives on the ipads. 


SXSW Documentation